China is one of the top destinations that people love to travel to. The incredible sights of gorgeous landscapes, the interesting culture and rich history, intriguing traditions and cuisine and more attract millions of tourists every year. However, not everyone planning a visit to China knows about its Internet restrictions and how they will not be able to access most if not all their favorite websites. It’s important to get ready to face the Great Firewall of China and its restrictions.

The Great Firewall of China does not let Internet users access the most popular foreign websites and blocks all known social media including Facebook, Instagram, and others. However, the best solution to this problem comes in a form of a virtual private network (VPN). It can be used to bypass the Great Firewall and let you access Google, YouTube, Facebook, Gmail and other websites you most often visit. It can also help you access geographically blocked websites and content from other countries as well by letting you connect to servers scattered all around the world. Also, you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows by streaming it from various popular streaming services and websites.

However, the best feature of this service has to be its ability to protect and secure its user. Whether you connect to an unsecured wireless network in a café or a hotel, you might be prone to a cyber-attack, as your connection is left unsecured. If you are traveling a lot, this security service can be a lifesaver as you will connect to numerous different unknown networks throughout your journey. Moreover, it will keep your personal information safe as its encryption will protect against hackers and possible data thefts.

Another great feature is the ability to use it on multiple devices. Various VPN service providers do offer a varying number of simultaneous connections but being able to protect your laptop as well as your smartphone and tablet is a great addition. Meaning, you don’t have to take out your laptop, you can check your email on your smartphone, etc.

As it was mentioned before, it can be used for numerous reasons but it is important to take into consideration that not all VPNs work in China and can bypass the Great Firewall. Only a handful of virtual private networks can do that, and NordVPN is one of those service providers. It is a leading online security service that lets expats, travelers and anyone located in China access and uses the Internet without restrictions. NordVPN for China is a great and fast resolution that can help bypass the Great Firewall and let you easily watch YouTube videos, browse Facebook or check your Gmail.

A VPN service provider can be the best travel companion, as it will keep you safe and up to date always no matter the location. Whether you are staying in a mountain cabin or a cozy hotel, a VPN will make sure that your Internet browsing is unrestricted and secure.