This is the inability to control the use of internet either on your smartphone, tablet or access to social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you are constantly online, and you find it hard to resist the urge to log into social sites, or the internet, then you may be suffering from this disorder. Below are some of the indications that you may be a victim of technology addiction. It may also be referred to as Internet addiction disorder or internet use disorder. The effect of technology on human health might have a huge impact that is why it is important to understand what consequences can be.

Symptoms of technology disorder

  • A feeling of intense excitement and happiness when you are online
  • Frequent changing of your status, profile pictures and constant updates on your social sites
  • Constantly checking for updates and comments on your social sites
  • Minimal social interactions with other people
  • Loss of interest in physical activities and in fact, activities that do not involve use of internet
  • You feel lost when you cannot access the internet due to power blackout or network issues
  • Sleep disorders and depression when at advanced stages

You may be aware of someone who has this problem. You may also be a victim of the same. It is a serious disorder in this era. So what can one do in order to prevent technology addiction? And if one is already addicted to technology use, what can they do? Well, experts say that there are various factors that lead to addiction. Whether it is drug or substance addiction, or other disorders, there are triggers that cause that and if one is able to manage the triggers, then it is easy to prevent addiction including technology addiction.

Causes of technology addiction

1.The presence of other addictions; in case someone already has an addiction let’s say gambling, they may extend this online and place bets online regularly. The same case with people addicted to playing games or shopping addicts. They may still continue shopping online hence they become addicted to technology in the way

2.Peer influences; this is actually considered the main cause of addiction especially among teens. If your friends are always online, it seems socially acceptable to also join in so that you can fit in with your peers. This eventually leads to addiction.

3.Depression; this could be a symptom of technology addiction, and experts have also concluded that this can also cause technology addiction. Depressed people will look for a way to get through their unhappy moments. Through the internet, they find pleasure and excitement hence turn to it just like some turn to drugs to self-medicate.

4.Social anxiety; people who find it hard to interact directly with people faces to face find it easier to do it online. They feel less intimidated and you will find that they may tend to create a whole

different personality online. Again they get a chance to air their views to other people online through chats and discussions online which they would otherwise not do face to face.

5.Shyness; this is a disorder as well. People who are extremely shy and find it hard to express themselves in real life do it online. They do it in such a compulsive behavior which makes them become addicted eventually.

What can you do to prevent technology addiction?

Below are a few measures you should take in order to prevent you or a loved one from becoming addicted to technology. Basically, the same measures apply to other addictions as well.

  • First, you must admit you are at risk
  • Limit your internet use. You may even try using an alarm to ensure that you do not exceed the set limit
  • Use your phone to call and talk to people directly. This will help you to stop using social media constantly which leads to addiction.
  • Instead of using Google constantly, consider printing info so that you can read such info later instead of doing it online always.
  • Choose outdoor activities more often

Remember to also incorporate other measures that prevent any form of addiction as well. They include:

  • Dealing with your past traumas effectively
  • Choosing friends carefully to avoid peer pressure influence
  • Avoid starting young. Parents should monitor their kids’ internet use
  • Develop strong bonds with social groups such as school or religious communities and participate in their social activities

If one is already addicted to technology, what can they do? Are there treatment options for people addicted to technology use?

Treatment for technology addiction

Treatment for this disorder will depend on the person affected. Teens and adults will be given different treatment options. Special group people and people with other disorders will also get specific treatment. The same case applies to different genders. As such, the treatment is customized to a particular individual depending on the level of addiction. There are specific treatments centers that offer the following programs to help victims of technology addiction get over it.

Treatment options programs

  1. Inpatient treatment for those adversely affected
  2. Outpatient treatment for those with strong family and friends support
  3. Sober living communities; this is a therapy center where you live with other residents for at least a year in order to adopt a sober living and get over your addiction.

How to choose treatment center for technology addiction?

  • It must be licensed and accredited
  • Insurance- Treatment of addiction is very intensive and expensive. It may also take a long period of time as such, it is important that you check out payment options and if the center accepts insurance cover
  • The environment; It should be comfortable and offer activities that help you get over internet addiction.
  • After treatment plan; a follow-up treatment is required and in fact, even after your treatment, you should be monitored to avoid relapse.

Ensure that the treatment center offers such services as well.

How serious is technology addiction disorder today?

Technology addiction is on the rise and it is becoming a very serious problem especially among the youth. If you are concerned that you may be addicted to technology, or if you think your loved one is addicted to the internet, it is good to visit a treatment center for evaluation and diagnosis. There are major health issues that can be caused by technology addiction. Technology should be used in moderation and it is important that you control the use of online apps and internet as well for your wellbeing. The highlights given above can help you in case you need help on limiting the use of internet or if you are addicted you know how you can get professional help.