First of all, let’s start with an explanation of smart homes. What is a smart home? It is such a place where all of the electronic and electric appliances are actually wired up to one main and general control system. You can easily guess how such a system is actually a computer. You are also able to connect numerous routers and devices to it to get even a better result. For example, nowadays VPNs function in a way where they need just one router. Isn’t it great to keep your whole house safe on the Internet with just one VPN network? Also, it provides you endless possibilities while trying to reach some information online.

Different sensors and electronic controllers can be used to make people’s life easier. For example, you may set the heating to be automatically turned on when you come home from work. Besides that, we have modern washing machines nowadays, thermostats and so on. Can you imagine what would happen if we put the Internet of Things into this whole story?

The Internet of Things works in such a way where it collects all the information from your environment. If you have thought how you have already made your life easier enough by having a smart home, you will very soon reassess your beliefs. The IoT has an identifier which is able to monitor everything. Your actions, the actions around you, your obligations and needs, the faces of people, or you name it. It collects it all into barcodes and that is the way it processes everything.

What would be the result you can get from the Internet of Things?

For how many times have you been late for some important event? Do you want someone to remind you to attend it? That’s not a problem, you have a smartphone to do that. But, what if you are not able to get to some meeting because your train is maybe late? How would you eventually know that your train might be late? You wouldn’t, but the Internet of Things is able to predict that. How is that even possible?

As I have already explained above, it literally connects all the information that comes from your environment and even further. The IoT connects it to your life and implements it into reality. In that case, it is able to calculate the possibility if your train will be late depending on the other circumstances (an explanation for the example above). Sounds amazing? Can it be even real?

Yes, I really agree with you how it sounds almost impossible, yet, here we are. That will be our future.

So, your home will look like from some science fiction movie. Everything will be automated and easier. You won’t need to take care of your whole beloved home and to constantly think about your obligations when you will have the IoT to do that for you.