Travel refers to the movement of people from one geographical location to another. People will always travel between relatively distant geographical locations and when this is the case, they will require a means of travel as well as accommodation. Travel will normally involve short stays or long stays. There are many ways through which people can travel. Intercontinental travel   is normally accomplished by air. Other people can travel on foot, train, bus, and so on. Travel can be expensive most of the time due to the associated costs of traveling such as airfare and food and accommodation.

Couchsurfing International

This is the company that operates a website that can be termed as a travel website. can be said to be a social networking website that also provides hospitality services to the people who are registered members. Couchsurfing works in such a way that the members of the website can host each other for join in events. A member of Couchsurfing can stay at other member’s home and be their guest for the duration of their travel. It is an example of the gift economy where the hosts do not expect any kind of monetary payments from the guests. It is actually a collaborative consumption relationship and members will share freely without expecting any form of payments in the future.

How Does It Work?

Well, couchsurfing works through the website. Members have to register so that they can host other members and be hosted when they travel too. Initial registration that members do is free and they will not be charged any money. However, for a member to be verified, they have to pay an annual fee. Verification of a member profile allows them to send unlimited number of messages to other couchsurfing members.

Creating a Couchsurfing Profile

Perhaps this is one of the most important stages in the registration. When a couchsurfing member creates their profile, they will be visible to all the other couchsurfing members around the world. The couchsurfing profile will include your names, your location, your mission and your lifestyle. A great profile has pictures and photos and this is a great way to tell the other members about you.

A member’s profile will also include information about their interests, what skills they have and can teach other members as well as the photos of the loggings that they offer, if at all they do. The profile will also include information such as your favorite music, books and movies. This should be a good way a member can choose a host through the kind of interests and hobbies that they share.

Meeting and Hosting Members or Staying at Members’ Homes

Perhaps this is the best way Couchsurfing has changed the travel industry. The fact that one can meet a host from a far off place and live with them for the duration of the travel is music to the ears! With the rising expenses of accommodation, this is the most cost effective way someone can enjoy a holiday or travel.

To meet with a member, or to host a member, one will need to search for them using a number of parameters through the Couchsurfing website. You can search for a host or a member to host using parameters like their age, their interests, the languages they speak, the type of lodging they have to offer. A member can then send messages to t he people they want to host or the people they need lodgings from.

It is also possible for members to post they travel plans publicly on the website. They can then receive meeting offers from members or what is known as homestay. Hosts do not charge the guest and they are supposed to work out the modality of the stay well in advance.

Members of couchsurfing can join in events or even start events. The largest of these events are what is known as Couch Crashes. Members congregate in a city and explore and enjoy what it has to offer.

Has Couchsurfing Changed How People Travel?

Well, couchsurfing has changes the way people travel and enjoy their holidays in big ways. This is a service that connects members from all over the world and this should be fun and a great experience for members.

With the regular events that Couchsurfing organizes in more than 200 000 cities around the world, members are assured of fun and new experiences. It is also fun to share your home or your hometown with the members who travel from all over the world.

Perhaps, the savings that members make when they stay with their couchsurfing hosts is the greatest benefit to travelers. One can easily visit many parts of the world and enjoy the hospitality of the host members.