Robotics deals with designing and construction of robots and computer programs that can control the robots sensory systems and information processing to enable them to act and respond like humans. The technology they use develops machines that can act like humans. In fact, it is predicted that robotic technology will substitute humans in future.

What are some of the exciting robotics technology this year?

Well, various types of robotic technology will be launched. Some of the exciting robotic technology will include the following;

  1. Exoskeletons;

This will basically help people with walking disabilities. The military can also adopt the technology especially in dangerous situations where it is not safe to send humans.

  1. Intelligent robots

This year, we will see intelligent robots that will give human reactions and also act as humans. One good example is Kuri. It combines intelligence and machine learning technologies in order to function.

  1. Microbots

These are tiny robots that can access anywhere humans can’t. This makes it possible for them to access tiny places or dangerous places where humans cannot access. Cassie robot is one example that has adopted this latest technology.

  1. Robotic strength

Robots made using this technology are able to run and actually perform tasks better than humans. They are built in such a way that their muscles are much stronger than those of humans. Check out reviews of Handle and their frightening speed. This technology must have been used to make that robot.

  1. Alternately powered robots

One may wonder what powers robots to make them have the capabilities they have. In most cases, you will find that they are electrically powered and some use powerful batteries as well. But the trend is to make robots that are powered using solar, wind or even wave energy.

These are some of the robotic technology we are likely to see this year among many others. But the catch is to ensure that there is a network of robotic that enables them to learn from each other experiences and also access database for info. This is will ultimately lead to more advanced and improved robotic technology.

Below are some of the awesome robot technologies of this year. There are many other robotic technologies that have been reviewed online as well.

Some of the Latest robots 2017


  • Home robot; Kuri

This is one of the latest robots being introduced in the market. It is relatively affordable due to the fact that there is access to affordable components used to make the robot. At a retail price of fewer than seven hundred dollars, it is likely to be a favorite to many.


What can this robot do?

It has a roaming camera and it also has a personality. This is what makes it possible to do the following things in your home

  • It inspires. When you come home, it greets you. You may send the robot to read a bedtime story to your kids. More importantly, it creates connections with your home and family members such that it can recognize all family members and interact with them effectively.
  • Kuri moves. This makes it possible for it to carry out chores around the home. It can avoid obstacles and not even the carpet can prevent its movement,
  • This robot can learn. It will know where the stairs are when you wake up and actually wake you up at that time and also welcome you back home in the evening.
  • Kuri can see and also listen. In the case of unusually loud noise, it can even send you an alert as well.

Well, these are the main features of the robot. It can also speak Robot language which you will have to learn and can also connect to you through Kuri app. It is one of the best robotic technologies this year.


  • Milo robot

This is specifically for educators, therapist and parents in order to teach children social skills such as communication and social relations. Experts review that through robot human interaction; kids can develop strong communication skills, creativity and generally enhance the quality of life and health of a child. This is especially so for kids with autism.


  • Cassie robot

This might actually replace your driver since it can walk and bring the mails to your door step. The autonomous cars development and this walking robot are some of the trends that are likely to be adopted by many people this year. If you know ATRIAS, Cassie is its latest version.

This robot was basically designed to be used in situations where it is difficult and dangerous for human being to go. It is likely that if adopted especially in dangerous situation, it could help to save lives.


  • Handle

Well, there are criticisms on the speed at which the robot can go and many have termed it as frightening. But since it operates like a scooter, it really does not have so many complexities and is easy to handle. Watch out for the next big thing in terms of robotic technology from Google’s Boston dynamics.


  • Flippy

In the hospitality industry, Flippy has already taken over in the kitchen. It has been practically used In California to cook burgers. Basically, all robots work with cameras and sensors and this is what helps Flippy determine when the burger is fully cooked. Miso robotics claim that the kitchen assistant can actually do much more and that it can be installed within five minutes. Some fast food restaurants in California have already adopted Flippy in the kitchen and reviews show that they are happy with the progress.


  • Jibo

This is not an ordinary robot as it thinks acts and learns differently. It will try to develop relationships with the new family and this is what makes it different. The best thing about the robot is that it is not predictable and this makes it fun to be with at home.

What areas will robotic technology mainly influence in 2017?

  1. Medicine; we expect to see more involvement of robots in medicine as surgeon robots are allegedly known for their precision and attention to detail. In treatment of certain health disorders such as Autism, robots are currently being used as well.
  2. Hospitality; this is especially so in hotels. Robotic technology has fully been adopted in some hotels in China where ninety per cent of the services in the hotels are offered by robots.
  3. Security; we have robots especially Google’s handle due to speed being incorporated to fight crime it can be adopted in security sectors. In fact Uber, one of the largest players in transport industry has partnered with Knightscope robots to offer security in its parking.