Travelling, especially by air is not cheap; however, it can cost you less if you know where to look for the cheap flights. The thing about cheap flights that you need to know is that they will come up at any time and do not know for how long they will last.

Most people think that buying a flight as soon as the schedule is out is the cheapest way to book a flight, but the truth is it’snot. This is because the airlines usually know that people book flights for family vacations a long time in advance and that means they would pay more to be on that flight. What are the best websites to follow for cheap flights? Here are some of the best.

  1. The Airfare Watchdog

The airfare watchdog is a site that offers great deals in many ways. It enables you to search a variety of sites and compare them so that you can find the best fare for your flight. In this website, a single page does show you the top 50 fares from all over around the world. It also has a date search that enables you to find the fares for different destinations in the United States and Canada. The fare from a departure city or to an arrival city will find you the best fare from your home airport or to where you want to go. The airfare watchdog allows you to sign up for fare alerts during any other time of your desire. When you sign up for this, you will be notified through the email about the fare. You can find this site on the website, Twitter, and Facebook.

  1. Flyertalk Mileage Runs

The Flyertalk Mileage Runs is the best website suited for the knowledgeable travelers because it uses abbreviation codes such as rt for round trip and ow for one – way. It uses other shorthand for airport codes, for example, HKK, LAX, YYZ, and JFK. It also uses shorthand for airlines such as AA for American and UA for US airways.

In this website, you will find suggestions that give you information on the best and bad days to book, that is, depending on the amount of fare being charged. You can check this one on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

  1. The flight Deal

The flight deals website front page has all the deals they find. They also have deals that are specific to a city and this allows you to lower your fare to where you are from if they cover your city. The flight deal covers most of the biggest airline markets in the US. You can find and follow them on Facebook and twitter to make sure that you get to see each of their great deals.

  1. Google Flights

Google Flights is the easiest website to use and search for a cheap flight. In this website, you will get updates on the flight prices every time they change. One can type the airport you are coming from and it will bring a map to several destinations that you would want and what dates the prices will be cheaper.

If you are the kind of person who is always on the lookout for the cheap flights, twitter is the best way for you to keep track of the above websites. Other websites which you can follow for cheap flights are the Southwest airlines, JetBlue airways, and Secret flying, the Points Guy, Travelpirates, CheapOAir, ITAmatrix, Hipmunk and Flight fox.

Today, there are no better days to buy and book flights because prices and fares change every time. If your dates of travelling cannot be changed, you will have no other option other than to sit and wait and hope that prices will go down on your particular day of travelling. Some of the airlines such as the US airlines have a 24-hour refund policy and therefore, it is advisable and wise for you to check with the airlines for their policies while booking. You should check out for cheap flights on the above websites, as well as, The Flight Deal, Google Flight, The Airfare Watchdog and The Flyertalk Mileage Runs and find yourself a great deal with the best price and have a good travel experience.